IRS Economic Stimulus Checks Update – Monday April 13th

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This is your IRS Economic Stimulus CheckS update as of Monday, April 13th. This is for the stimulus package that passed under the Trump Administration back in March. This is regarding the stimulus check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act in March.

To check the status of your stimulus check and or add your banking information, please go to the IRS web portal here:

We hope this helps you secure your stimulus check and check the status of your stimulus check! This stimulus package was made to help offset unemployment and support small business owners. Please check out our other videos about small business forgivable loans with the small business administration and the EDL loan (the EIDL loan) and the Paycheck Protection Program loan (the PPP loan) administered by the SBA.

These are forgivable loans created by the stimulus bill that are available now. Please apply for these and we wish you the very best!

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