Charli’s Birthday Shoutout Reaction

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hi angels!
well, it’s finally here – my 16th birthday! since it’s quarantine and i can’t celebrate with anyone in person, my family got a bunch of my friends to send me sweet birthday messages and so i wanted to share my reaction to them with you. (ok so i did get some videos after this was already made. i’m sorry to those who weren’t included but thank you so much for your sweet messages!)

i’m a little overwhelmed by everyone’s birthday messages, wishes and creative edits across all of my platforms. i can’t express to you enough how lucky i am to have such supportive friends, family and community sending me positivity everyday. you are what keeps me going and the reason i why i love making content. this is going to be a great year!

i hope you’re all staying safe, washing your hands and doing a little savage distance dancing for fun. have a great day!

p.s. extra special thanks to my awesome sister dixie for helping get all the videos

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