30 Days to Overcome the Biggest Challenge of my Life

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For the past 4 years Matt has put ‘Completing a Half Ironman’ on his list of biggest goals. But he’s always put it off due to fear and procrastination. Until now, where, along with his friend Conor, he overcomes endless doubt, fear, uncertainty and lack of training to go compete head on in a race that once seemed impossible to him…all with only 30 days of training.

Special people to thank for making this episode happen:

Conor for always being down for the most insane challenges. Check out his YouTube channel here:

Rich Roll for being both an inspiration and mentor throughout this whole process. Check out his YouTube channel here:

Rich also has a great podcast which you can find here:

Gina Baski and the whole Trifit team for teaching Matt the essentials and allowing him to train in their incredible gym. Visit to train for your triathlon.

Fuji Bikes @fujibikes for supplying both Conor and Matt with their bike.

@andreeashem for the epic cinematography

And of course, the organizers of the Ironman for putting together such a life-changing event and allowing us to film this experience.

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